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The need to draw blood will always exist.  Phlebotomists are used in nearly every healthcare environment.  For these two reasons, phlebotomy jobs are some of the most stable jobs there are.  As the baby boomer population moves into retirement age, now is the perfect time to start your healthcare career!

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Phlebotomy Jobs Future Outlook

Phelbotomy Jobs OutlookIn general, healthcare support occupations are rapidly growing, But phlebotomist jobs are growing much faster than average.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), phlebotomy jobs are expected to grow by 27% over the next ten years.  This could create more than 27,000 new phlebotomy jobs!  If you are considering a career in healthcare, this may be the best time to start!

Average Phlebotomy Salary

Phlebotomy SalaryThe BLS says the average phlebotomy salary is about $15 per hour or $30,670 per year.  The lowest ten percent earned $22,150 and the highest ten percent of phlebotomists earned $43,800 per year.

Depending on where you live, phlebotomy jobs could have very different salary rates. For more information, see our article on phlebotomy salary.

Phlebotomist Job Duties

Phlebotomy jobs are found in hospitals, clinics and other types of healthcare and medical facilities.  Some of the typical phlebotomist job duties include:

  • Preparing and maintaining medical instruments.
  • Talking with and preparing patients and blood donors before drawing blood.
  • Drawing blood from patients and blood donors.
  • Accurately labeling and storing blood for processing and/or testing.
  • Adding patient/donor information into computer system for tracking.
  • Collaborating and coordinating with other healthcare staff.