What is Phlebotomy?

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Phlebotomy is the process of removing blood from the body.  Patients usually undergo a phlebotomy when they have excess iron in their blood.  By regularly removing blood, patients can lower their iron levels.

Why Phlebotomy is Important

Excess iron in the blood can cause serious damage to tissue and organs.  By removing iron-rich blood cells from the body, phlebotomy can help reduce risk of such damage. High iron in the blood can come from a variety of causes.  Some of the most causes of excess iron in the blood include:

  • Inherited genetically
  • Receiving numerous blood transfusions
  • Getting iron shots or injections
  • Consuming high levels of supplemental iron

What to Expect After Receiving a Phlebotomy

Some patients feel dizzy and/or tired after receiving a phlebotomy.  It is recommended that patients get 24 hours rest and drink plenty of fluids after a phlebotomy. Because of these symptoms it’s also recommended that patients organize transportation to and from their appointment.

Performing the Phlebotomy Process

Phlebotomy Certification - What is Phlebotomy?As a phlebotomist you will perform the phlebotomy procedure using a procedure called “venipuncture.”  Venipuncture is simply the process of accessing the vein for purposes of drawing blood. The basic steps of a phlebotomy are:

  1. Select a suitable site for venipuncture.
  2. Prepare the equipment, the patient, and the venipuncture site.
  3. Perform the venipuncture.
  4. Collect the sample in the appropriate container.
  5. Assess the need to recollect the sample.
  6. Label the containers for processing.

Phlebotomy Certification Process

In order to perform the phlebotomy procedure, most states require you to become certified.  Unlike degree programs, the phlebotomy certification process is faster.  Most training programs can be completed within 1 year.  There are many phlebotomy jobs and phlebotomy salary is very competitive.  This is the perfect time to start a new healthcare career as a phlebotomist.